Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I spent a good part of last night reading my entries and going through photos since my last birthday and I have to say that my 33rd year on this earth was the year I got my groove back.

This was the year I started working out again.

I started circuit training

The Plank
I tried TRX (not easy at all),

did muay thai for a couple of months, 

tried Zumba (what fun!)

ran in a 10k race

 and even learned how to use a gun.

And let's not forget that I ran my first half marathon.

Then there's also how I finally got over my previous relationship middle of last year after I found out I was played and lied to.  In the process, I've had to end my friendship with a number of people, including someone who I considered very, very close to me.  I have forgiven them but I no longer want to be friends, ever.

Joaquin and I also got to go on a lot of beach trips this year.

Camaya Coast in Bataan

Caramoan (yes, again!)

This time with our friends and their kids in tow. We can't wait to go back.

Carbin Reef, Bacolod

 and Tali Beach, Batangas

The Lord blessed my family with 2 new babies to love like crazy!


and Jaico

One of the highlights of my 33rd year was getting to spend time with my mom and being reunited with my Tita Virgie. She jumpstarted by love for reading by buying me my first Archie comics and Nancy Drew when I was 7.

The Mothership

And if you've been a long time reader of this blog, you know I've been cooking and baking a lot.

Career-wise, I received high marks during my annual performance evaluation and my boss has talked to me about their plans for me at work and the good possibility of a promotion soon.

Remember that quote from Ally Mcbeal that goes, "If you think back and replay your year, if it doesn't bring you tears either of joy or sadness, consider the year wasted."?

I can recall how I welcomed my 33rd birthday with a very broken heart.  But that's the the thing about pain--the physical kind will hurt you but the other kind will change you. Now whether it's for better or for worst, that's really up to you.

As for me, year 33 taught me that sometimes, the wrong choices we make lead us to where we were really meant to be.  Like I was riding the bus of life and I got off at the wrong stop but ended up finding something better than where I was planning on going.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I know that we only get 1 birthday wish and mine is that Joaquin gets better.  It has and will always be my fervent prayer.  There is absolutely nothing I want more than my son being able to overcome his autism. My mom always reminds me to pray and to continue to believe in miracles. And I do. But if the Lord could grant me just one more birthday wish, and I know that this is also most of my friends' wish for me-- it's that I find someone who will accept me, make me happy and will always choose me over any other girl.

But I'm really in no rush. I like my life the way it is now.  I do have moments though--moments where I miss having someone to just talk to about my day.  But in general, I'm doing pretty great without a love life. So God, if you're listening, no pressure :)

And THANK YOU for such a wonderful life!

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